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Body Peels

Body peels

Body Peels

Body Peels are designed to improve your skin’s appearance by removing the top layer of skin in order to stimulate new cell growth. They work well as a resurfacing treatment and are a great way to reduce the appearance of common skin issues, like hyperpigmentation. At Tanya Thomas Skin Clinic we offer mild to medium grade body peels. Each of our peels involve applying a chemical or natural solution to your skin to begin the deep exfoliation process. The removal of the lop layer of skin caused by a peel allows it to “blister” and peel off, resulting in a healthier, smoother, and more even skin.

After a body peel, the skin is temporarily more sensitive and you’ll experience some degree of swelling, burning, and throbbing while your body goes to work regenerating new cells. The treated areas take anywhere from 7 to 14 days to heal after a body peel but there is no need to worry! Our highly experienced esthetician will provide you with personal care instructions to make your recovery as comfortable as possible.

Our body peels can rejuvenate your skin and improve its overall tone and texture. We can even treat certain kinds of acne with body peels. This treatment delivers fabulous results to those looking to reduce age spots, mild scars, sun damage, and signs of aging.